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Hot & Cold Buffet Food

Montage of some example buffet food including salads, sausage rolls, cold meats, prawns, salmon and fruit

Fork Buffets

At a fork buffet, guests will typically serve themselves using forks, spoons, or other utensils rather than picking up food with their hands.  These types of buffets can include salads, vegetables, meats, vegetarian dishes, pasta, sauces and dressings. Fork buffets are designed to be eaten using cutlery, rather than finger – hence the term “fork buffet”. The range of food available to present at a fork buffet is a lot more varied and interesting than a “finger food buffet”.

Cold Fork Buffet Food

– Medium Rare Roast Sirloin –

– Honey, Mustard & Maple Glazed Roast Gammon –

– Smoked Salmon Platter –
Smoked salmon & king prawns served with a Marie Rose sauce.

– Coronation Chicken –
The British classic, lightly spiced, creamy chicken.

– Homemade Quiche Lorraine –

– Homemade Caramelized Onion Quiche (V) –

– BBQ or Lemon & Thyme Roast Pork Loin –

– Chicken Satay –

Hot Fork Buffet Food

– Beef Stroganoff –
Sliced sirloin braised with mushrooms, flavoured with mustard and herbs.
Finished with crème fraîche. 

– Beef Bourguignon –
A rich French beef stew cooked with red wine & beef stock, flavoured with carrots,onions & garlic.

– Cottage Pie – 
The classic British meat & and potato comfort  food. A true family favourite.

– Lasagne – 
Layers of pasta filled with beef and vegetable ragù, béchamel sauce and topped with cheese.

– Pork Fillet with Cider & Mustard Sauce – 
The delicious creamy sauce combines flavours of shallots, brandy, cider, and mustard.

– Roast Loin of Pork –
Rolled pork loin with a herb and apple stuffing.
Served with apple sauce.

– Thai Green Curry
A spicy Asian curry made with coconut milk and a zing of lemongrass and lime.


These are our most common salad accompaniments for cold fork buffets and BBQs. Please let us know if there is a specific salad that you would like.

– Green salad –

– Coleslaw –

– Potato salad – 

– Greek salad – 

– Pasta salad – 

– Couscous – 

– Tomato and mozzarella salad – 

Potatoes & Vegetables

Potatoes are a popular side dish for many hot dishes, and reassuringly filling to boot. Here are our most popular buffet spuds.

– Hot Buttered New Potatoes –

– Mint, Garlic & Herb Roasted New Potatoes-

– Traditional Roast Potatoes – 
Roasted with garlic and rosemary.

– Dauphinoise Potatoes –
Creamy, garlic potatoes topped with Gruyère cheese.

– Honey Roasted Root Vegetables – 

Montage of buffet food such as prawns and smoked salmon

Finger Buffets

A finger buffet is a type of buffet where the food provided to the guests is chosen to be easy to eat using only fingers, rather requiring cutlery, although it is polite to provide knives and forks as an option.  Finger buffets are often suitable for parties, receptions, casual gatherings, and funeral wakes, where guests may prefer to eat whilst mingling and socialising without the formality of having to sit down and eat.  Common foods found at a finger buffet include sandwiches, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, vegetable sticks, spring rolls, mini or slices of quiche, bread rolls, and so on. The foods are generally cold, although some hot options can be included such as chicken wings, tempura prawns but these are often served cold too. 

Our fingers buffets will contain such delights as homemade sausage rolls, homemade scotch eggs, quiches, and many other favourites. We pride ourselves in making as much of the food served as possible.

Finger buffets are often chosen from a practical perspective as they have a small amount of washing up and clearing up, compared to fork buffets or sit down meals, and you don’t need to provide everyone with a seat or require that everyone eats at the same time.  If your event has a rather fluid start time, quite common after a funeral where guests may have to travel from one place to another, a cold buffet can be prepared in advance and easily brought out when everyone is ready. We appreciate that funerals, in particular, are a stressful and emotional time and we do our very best to take the pressure off of you providing food to your guests.

Ultimate Mobile Bars & Catering Buffet Table Spread

Hot and Cold Fork Buffets are available from £20 per head.

Please call us to discuss your buffet needs as pricing varies depending on the number of guests and food selection.

Added Extras

In addition to preparing and presenting your food we are also able to provide the following items, at additional cost:  Crockery, cutlery, table linen, glasses, tableware, serving dishes or platters, and disposable eco-friendly plates and napkins. 

Please view our Catering FAQ page where we cover many of the things that people wonder about before giving us a call.  However, we love to talk and help make your event run smoothly and as hassle-free as possible, so give us a call on the numbers below.

Call us on 07717 326 077 or 0791 856 608 to discuss your event and book your buffet.