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Bar Hire Frequently Asked Questions

When you are about to put your trust in others to help make your party or event a success you are bound to have lots of questions and, when it comes to mobile bars, we are used to hearing them.  Hopefully the information below will help you understand the process a bit more but, if there is anything else you need to know or want to discuss please give us a call on 07971 856 608

If drinks will be sold at your event then, yes, you will require a licence called a TEN. A Temporary Event Notice, or TEN for short, is for a temporary event lasting not more than 7 days with fewer than 500 people attending. We will happily organise the TEN application for you and there is a charge of roughly £23 for this.

Find out more details about a Temporary Events Notice (in England and Wales) from the gov.uk website. A similar licence is required for Scotland but may go under a different name.

We also have the required personal licence.

Yes, whenever you hire a bar with us, we will provide fully trained bar staff to operate the bar.. We usually provide 1 bar person per 80 guests although more staff are available depending on the event, expected demand, and any other requirements.

Events that have a steady “drip-feed” of customers will require fewer staff than events that have sudden surges of customers arriving all at once, perhaps during an interval, for example.  If we will be providing food then additional staff will be provided.  We will discuss your requirements to decide the optimum number of bar tenders, or other staff, for your event.

We are very proud to offer a  great catering service that can run alongside our bar hire.  We can provide light, bar-friendly food such as canapes, grazing platters, sausage rolls, roast potatoes, mini Yorkshire puddings with beef and horseradish, and all sorts of other things that people love to nibble whilst having a drink.

We can offer full spread buffets or even roasted vegetables to accompany our wonderful beef, chicken, or pork spit-roasts.

Whilst we prefer to work from a kitchen within a venue, we do have gazebos to provide cover when working outdoors. 

As with most things, there is no simple single answer to this. There is a variety of options ranging from zero upfront cost, where bar profits will usually go to us, to you covering the entire cost of the alcohol. In the case of a “free bar”, where your guests do not pay for drinks but you do, there will setup and service costs.

It all depends on what works best for you and the type of event you are running.  The four most common types of hire are:

  1. Simple local bar
  2. Sales go to the company
  3. Free bar
  4. First drink free



Whilst glass drinking glasses are an option, we recommend the use of plastic pint and wine glasses for safety reasons. For outside events, particularly in fields, plastic drinking glasses will always be used minimising both the risk of injury from broken glass and the risk of fire in dry conditions.

All of our plastic drinking glasses are sturdy and our plastic wine glasses and flutes have stems and look elegant.

We will do the full bar set up and take down and clear up after ourselves.  We always try and leave the venue in a better state than we find them, particularly the kitchens.

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your event without worrying about all of this.  

Yes we will need access to at least one 13 amp outlet, possibly more depending on the size of your event.  We will be running fridges, coolers and pumps at the bar and so power is essential. Additional sockets may be required if we are providing catering services, alongside our bar, and we are cooking or heating food on site.

Larger, outdoor events usually provide power for their drink, food and trade stands.  Whilst we are able to provide our own generator in extenuating circumstances, we find that the noise and potential pollution can disturb the social atmosphere that is created around the hub of a bar.

Yes! Not a problem. We have various draught beers and ciders available.

We have a wide range of wines, both still and sparkling, and a large selection of popular spirits. If you would like a particular drink available, perhaps a local or favourite brand, then do let us know and we will do our best to have it available.

We sell all of the popular soft drinks just like any fixed establishment bars.   If you expect there to be a lot of children at your event and/or wish for specific drinks to be available just let us know.

Yes. We have a number of different bars available. Some bars are easier to set up and take down than others, so certain bars may or may not be suitable for some events where venue time is limited.

Please see our bars page for more information.

Yes. As we provide and run the bar we have £5m personal liability insurance.  

Whether you are running a village fete, celebrating a significant birthday, running a convention, or an annual hobbyist rally.  Having a bar available helps break down social barriers and encourages a lively atmosphere.  We know that every event, big or small, is personal to you and can different hospitality requirements. We love helping make your event extra special.  If you are not sure about anything or would like to discuss what might best suit your needs just drop us an email or give us a call.