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A collection of cider logos such as Magners, Rattler and Stowford Press. Just some of the cider kegs you can hire from Ultimate Mobile Bars

Hire a Cider Keg

Please note that different varieties may come in different size kegs.ย  When you hire a keg from Ultimate Mobile Bars we will provide all the necessary equipment, install and collect the equipment (usually the following day).

Here are some of the our popular cider kegs.ย  If there is another cider that you would like for your event, then please let us know.

The UK has a long and rich history of cider-making, dating back centuries, and our country is home to a wide variety of apple orchards providing an abundance of apples. Traditional cider-making regions, such as Somerset and Herefordshire, often have distinct styles and flavours and many of these areas celebrate and demonstrate their pride in the production of their local ciders. Not all cider is made from apples though. In recent years, pear ciders with added sweet fruits have become popular, some emanating from Sweden.

Whether made from apples or pears, cider is a versatile drink that can come in different styes such as sweet, medium-sweet, medium-dry, and dry, still, frothy and sparkling.  This range of flavours means that cider can be appealing to a lot a wide range of consumers. For larger events or festivals it is usual to have multiple kegs offering, perhaps, sweet and dry options.

In warm weather especially, cider is generally considered to be a very refreshing and easy to drink alternative to beer and wine.  Whether there is something in the tradition, the fruity zing, or the cool refreshment that it provides, it is hard to imagine an outdoor event without a pint of cider to hand.  We like to think it is all three.