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Hire a Keg - Benefits and Information

The Benefits of Hiring Dispensing Equipment and Kegs for a Party

There are five main reasons why hiring a party keg, or kegs, is so popular.  These all apply to celebrations such as birthdays and weddings but also events such as village fetes, county shows, office parties and for large-scale events and festivals where many kegs may be required.

  1. Cost-effectiveness
    As mentioned above, individual bottles or cans of alcohol can be more expensive than purchasing a keg, especially when catering to a larger number of guests. Kegs often provide a higher volume of drink for a lower cost per serving, making them a cost-effective option for parties.
  2. Freshness
    To maintain the freshness and quality of the beer, beer kegs are sealed and pressurised ensuring that your guests can enjoy fresh beer throughout the duration of your party.
  3. Convenience
    Hiring party kegs eliminates the need for frequent restocking of individual bottles and cans and having to keep the chilled before use. Kegs also reduce the amount of waste or recycling  of bottles and cans, making tidying up easier after after the event and removing the trips to the recycling centre in the following days.
  4. Social Experience
    At every party we see, where guests are allowed to pour themselves a drink from a hired keg, spirits are lifted as tapping a keg is novel and fun social activity. The keg taps tend to be a place where guests gather, encouraging interaction between guests.  It is always fun to see the inner landlord in guests as they genuinely enjoy the experience of serving others.
  5. Non-Beer Kegs
    It isn’t just beer that comes in kegs. As well as beer and ale, we can provide kegs of still wine, sparkling wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, spirits, and ciders. Hiring multiple kegs for a single event is commonplace, catering for the different tastes of the guests whilst maintaining the convenience.

Hiring a Keg for the First Time - FAQ

If this is your first time hiring a drink dispensing equipment we know it can feel like a daunting thing. A good place to start is our Bar Hire FAQ page where we answer the most common questions about our wider services but we are always happy to speak to you on the phone to explain how things work and discuss your exact requirements. However, here are a few keg-specific questions that crop up all the time.

It is a mixture of both. When you “rent a keg” from us, you are buying the actual drink(s) to be consumed.  That is yours to have.  The equipment, such as pipes, taps, coolers, stands, and the kegs or barrels themselves you rent or hire from us for your event. All equipment, including the kegs or barrels, needs to be returned to us.

Yes, hiring a keg for a party is definitely worth it.  Your guests will get premium fresh draft lager, bitter, or cider which not only tastes great but looks amazing too.

Customers can help themselves, which most people actually find enjoyable, there is no nipping off to the supermarket for a top up, and no worrying about finding ice to cool drinks down as it is already cooled (and a cooler will also be provided)

As a rough guide, estimating 2-3 pints per person, 2 kegs should do for 100 guests.

We sell kegs of all of those things. We also provide kegs or wine and cocktails.  

If you have particular favourites, especially regional beverages, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange things so that they are as fresh as possible. 

Yes. When you hire kegs from us, we will deliver them to you on the day of your event, along with any equipment such as taps or coolers.  We will then teach you how to use the equipment and how to “connect a keg” or “tap a barrel”.

So as not to interrupt your event we will arrange to collect the used equipment in the next day or two afterwards.

Whilst we are based in North Buckinghamshire, we hire out kegs to places all over the country. We are used to delivering kegs around Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Avon, London, Birmingham, and Surrey. 

We often travel further afield to set up multiple kegs for larger parties, events and even beer festivals.

Distance is usually no problem but do call us on 07971 856608 to find out the delivery price for your area.  Sometimes we might have another event nearby at the same time.

Yes, you can hire more than one keg at a time. For large and/or long events or when you know there will be differing drink preferences amongst your guests it is very common to have two, three, or even more drinks available.

We have set up and tended dozens of barrels and kegs for beer and cider festivals serving hundreds or thousands of event go-ers.  Whether it is one or twenty, we have you covered. It depends on how many people you wish to serve.